Do you have a double chin?

Would you like to lift your brows or tightening the skin on your jawline?

Do you have loose skin that is bothering you?

At SDSLC we can help tighten, lift and reduce saggy skin with our HiFu treatments. 


PlasmaLift is a start of the art treatment that can reduce fine
lines, wrinkles, smokers lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines,
crows feet and frown lines. 

PlasmaLift can also lift eyelids and eyebrows without using surgery.
SDSLC have the latest plasmaLift equipment and our technicians are highly trained to treat your concerns.
Let PlasmaLift work it's magic on your skin today!!

HydroLift Filler

Do you suffer from dry skin?

Would you like a natural filler to plump your skin?

HydroLIft Filler is designed to infuse all the missing nutrients your skin is missing

SDSLC have the latest technology and our technicians are highly trained and qualified to preform this treatment


Do you suffer from hyper-pigmentation or age spots?

Do you want a nice even looking skin tone?

SDSLC technicians are highly qualified and QLD radiation Health certified to treat pigmentation.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags happen when clusters of blood vessels and collagen become trapped in thicker top layers of skin.  

As the blood vessels and collagen are trapped, extra skin cells grow and form a skin tag, they usually develop when skin to skin contact occurs due to the rubbing eg, under the arms.


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