Advance Dermal Levelling

Advance dermal levelling is a wonderful way to have multiple treatments in 1.

Do you want to remove the peach fuzz on your face?

Do you have dry skin, pigmentation, acne scarring?

Then this treatment is for you!!

Microdermabrasion Hydrodermabrasion

Experience a deep clean and rejuvenating treatment.

Walk away with your natural glow and feeling revitalised

Dermal Needling

Dermal Needling helps stimulates collagen reproduction, therefore, the skin becomes more smoother and healthier.

If you suffer from Acne scarring, fine lines or enlarged pores, Dermal Needling is for you!

LED Light Therapy

Do you Suffer from acne?

Have new wounds?

Suffer from Rosacea?

Diffused redness?

LED Light Therapy is a a non-invasive, pain free, soothing and rejuvenating relaxing treatment that treatments many different concerns

Medi Aesthetic Peels

Do you have pigmentation, age spots, acne scarring, large pores, acne, dry skin?

Or you might like to just polish your skin!

Our effective Medi Aesthetic Peels will help repair and polish your skin

Cosmetic Tattoo

Would you like to have perfect eyebrows?

Eyeliner that you do not have to apply?

Cosmetic Tattoo is a treatment that will define your natural appearance.

Cosmetic Injectables

Do you want to look and feel your absolute best?

Cosmetic Injectables can treat a wide range of medical and aesthetic issues from frown lines to excessive sweeting!


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